About Us


Who are we ?

BioSample is a powerful innovation partner located in Lyon, France, and recognized by its customers as a quality of life improvement through an inimitable service offer from a national marketplace with professional advice, research, and services. Our teams support scientific innovation with dedicated tools, specific IT development as well as services optimized to fit your needs and your context.


BioSample, an innovative partner assisting you in your daily life.


Since its creation in 2016, our company has continued to grow thanks to our excellent relationship with our customers and their networks. Among the many issues encountered by industries in the scientific field in the broad sense, is the challenge of following up orders with numerous suppliers & intermediaries, generating a consequent loss of time and productivity, especially when it is necessary to take in the complexity of the products. With BioSample as a single contact, this problem disappears: without sacrificing customer service and the quality of our products, we work to satisfy you according to your constraints and in complete transparency. You, therefore, save on your bill and save time to focus on your work !

Our History


2016: At the origin of BioSample is the Biological Resources project, an innovative tool designed to bring together the different actors of the research world through a unique service of linking researchers and biobanks.

2017: Learning the difficulties in supplying materials and consumables to all of its partners, BioSample decides to develop a marketplace, thus making it possible to pool all the needs of its network through an innovative offer.

2018: The original Biological Resources project evolves and a prototype is available for professionals partners of the sector. Already awarded by the Bank for Investment in Innovation (BPI Innovation), BioSample decides to support its idea by participating in the innovation competition of the Aviva Factory, from which BioSample will emerge "Great Winner" after the phases of votes and juries.

2019: To improve its quality of service and the range of services, BioSample is opening its process optimization center in order to offer improved efficiency and performance to support customers through the evolution and automation of their daily management tools.

2020: Faced with the health crisis and the issue of sustainable supply of consumables, BioSample is refining its strategy to meet the needs of as many people as possible: it is the start of an international presence and supply chain without losing the aim of making life easier for local actors.

Our Missions

  • To simplify your management time and, therefore, increase performance.
  • To reduce your costs while keeping your favorite supplies.
  • To provide you with quality deliveries and follow-up service.
  • To support and advise you through a personalized offer.
  • To satisfy you in our relationship by positioning yourself as a privileged interlocutor.
  • To assist you in automating your processes for an increased efficiency.


Recognized as a facilitator in the daily life of its customers, BioSample supports you through a unique service offer and a marketplace with the most extensive skills.

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BioSample is an independant marketplace, or purchasing center, active on the french national territory and getting an international presence. We support our customers with a personalized and competitive product catalog. For more information on the subject, please contact us or consult the dedicated pages.

Absolutely, BioSample focuses its range of services on the scientific sector, but this does not mean that we cannot support you on the products we distribute or with the solutions that we developped. Competent on thousands of references in various fields, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about your profession with us, and to study together your specific needs, constraints, and particularities.

At BioSample, the quality of the customer relationship is essential since we believe that it is the main strength of our company. Our mission is to allow our partners to be able to focus on their core business without having to manage the logistic through multiple suppliers. The satisfaction that we bring is a guarantee of the quality of our services. Your needs are our requirements !