Associate Director

Dorian APPELGREN is one of the three associate directors, a member of the board of directors of BioSample. At the origin of the project, he is today mainly in charge of scientific aspects, including management, compliance, and developments.

Contact Info
Work Phone : +33 426 171 855
Cell Phone : +33 682 792 983
Mail : dorian.a@biosample.fr
M2 BioBank Management
BULATS, University of Cambridge
L3 Biotechnology / Biochemistry / Biology

Coming from a purely scientific background (biology, biochemistry, biotechnologies), Dorian has developed rigorous and normative skills specific to the fields of science as well as certain transversal skills such as sociology, accounting, computer hardware and software, ethics, law, and more globally, the areas arousing his curiosity.

With his studies bringing him to particular methodologies, it's in the professional field that he was able to strenghten his knowledge, by working with many recognized organizations such as the EFS, the HCL, the IARC of the WHO, or the INSERM.

It was during his master's years and his work at the INSERM that his observations were confirmed : there is a real need to improve the relations between biobanks and researchers. Maturing his project, he decided to contact his inner circle to talk about his innovative concept and catch the interest of his two future partners: Baptiste DROIN and Kevin LAVILLE. Together they found the company BioSample.

Having studied and worked in the laboratory for several years, I could see the strong disparities in the conditions governing the scientific field. My growing desire to get things done pushed me into carrying out this project to bring a humble but real change to the classic patterns, specifically to supply chains.