Labels & Certifications

BioSample is constantly working to improve its services to offer you the most innovative and satisfying service possible. Located in the area of Lyon, FRANCE, the company took part in national competitions allowing it to obtain recognized labels and certifications. Also keen to maintain a quality workforce, BioSample commits its employees to regular training. Thus, we can offer you an effective collaboration to solve your needs and participate, at our level, in advancing towards an era of scientific prosperity. 

BPI Innovation 2018
Label Innovation,

The "Bank for Investissement", better known by the acronym "BPI", is a state body that supports actors of the French industry through various financial and network marketing solutions. It was in 2018 that the "BPI Innovation" branch recognized BioSample as an innovative project and decided to support it in its fundraising.

Fabrique Aviva
Label Innovation,

The "Aviva Factory" is the competition branch of the Aviva company, an insurance industry with more than 180 years of existence and attached to a leading company in the European market in this sector. In 2019, BioSample decides to participate in the innovation competition of Aviva and receives more than 4 000 votes of support whom show interest in the project conceived by Dorian APPELGREN. BioSample was one of the great winners of this competition, receiving a trophy and financial support from Aviva.