For several years now, BioSample has supported actors in the scientific world through an innovative and recognized purchasing center offer. Forget about having too many suppliers to contact and orders to follow, choose a partner to order all your equipment and consumables, of all types, and focus on your core business.

Performance, flexibility, innovation

BioSample is a single partner to order all of your laboratory equipment, medical equipment and all your consumables, ranging from PPE to office supplies, including hygiene products, parapharmacy and furnitures. By covering all of your needs through an inimitable, personalized and innovative global offer, we guarantee that you'll obtain more than substantial time savings to focus on your core activities.

BioSample in summary :

  • A competent, innovative and dynamic team
  • A unique partner with multiple references
  • High availability for your recurring needs
  • Answers adapted to your situation
  • An efficient purchasing department
  • Transparency in our relationships
  • Support in your choices
  • Adapted and secured payment conditions

BioSample makes a high priority of bringing you complete satisfaction. For more information on our purchasing center, do not hesitate to download our brochure, visit our catalog or ask us for a quote !