Biological Resources

Wishing to participate in the evolution of human daily life through scientific innovation, BioSample strives to improve the quality of work of researchers through the implementation of various dedicated tools and services. Among these tools and at the origin of BioSample is the mapping of biological resources.

Mapping of Biological Resources

With hundreds of thousands of data available for research, BioBanks have entered the era of Big Data. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for researchers wishing to obtain information... Knowing where to search or how to find the information relevant for their project can often result in large losses of time.

Based on this observation, Dorian APPELGREN, assisted by his associates, designed a tool capable of mapping biological resources to give them better visibility. Through the BioSample mapping tool, BioBanks can highlight the biological data at their disposal and researchers have a powerful, clear and efficient research tool allowing them to devote more time to their project.

Developed with the support of BPI Innovation and of Fabrique Aviva, find the BioSample Biological Resource Mapping on its dedicated website.

We are working on redesigning the biological resources mapping website. For any questions or needs regarding this tool, please contact us.