Calcul center

When we talk about innovation, it's common to talk about Big Data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and a whole lot of new technologies. With their development comes a significant challenge : to design and maintain flexible structures capable of running these programs efficiently and without loss of information.

With scientific innovation at heart, BioSample's Research & Development department, along with its IT Team, has been able to answer this question and design servers and workstations capable of effectively supporting these new technologies. Initially developed to meet our own needs and requirements, our computers offer you a modular infrastructure with high scalability providing you with reliable computing power meeting all types of needs, whether for information processing, simulations, computing interactions, or complex algorithmic calculations.

Our Environment

Our IT Center is operational with a high availability, accessible at any time by your teams via remote control. Whether on Windows or Unix systems, our teams set up the environment with which you want to work, all in a secure and encrypted manner so that your data remains entirely in your possession.

Today, our data centers focus on CPU and GPU power. Whatever you need in terms of power and performance, our teams are at your disposal to offer you the most suitable hardware and software adjustments according to the criteria important for you, all with no additional or hidden cost.

Working with us

Our teams are at your disposal to provide you with personalized, secured and confidential service. The calculators you use are reserved for you and only you are able to use them as you wish.

  • Personalized computing power
  • The confidentiality of your data guaranteed
  • A secure and highly scalable environment
  • High availability of our calculators
  • Unrivaled rates
  • A team of experts with complementary specialties
  • Competent advisers at your service
  • A considerable productivity gain

BioSample makes it a high priority to bring you complete satisfaction. The success of your project is also our success. For more information on our datacenters, do not hesitate to download our brochure or to contact us !