Services Optimization

The organization of work and the optimization of processes are essential elements for any company which wishes to offer a quality service without losing efficiency. However, be careful: imposing operating rules that are too strict can prove to be counterproductive by immobilizing the workforce in the most critical moments. Optimizing services is therefore the idea of being able to establish a framework that is strict enough to lead to everyone's performance in their daily lives, but flexible enough to allow exceptions and unforeseen events to be managed.

Automation of your services

The democratization of digital services and the ease of access to IT tools are creating new operating opportunities, making it possible to optimize internal and external processes which often require validation at several stages and often at several levels. There is no longer any need to prove that the paper drafting establishes large gaps in its processing time, provided that these documents reach their destination and do not get lost. However, we are not robots and it is essential to take into account human and social needs.

Grasping this vast scope of possibilities, BioSample works every day to "autonomate" its processes in order to allow better quality and speed of processing. We believe that by removing the middleman, by automating what can be so, we can focus more on meeting your needs, which are also requirements.

With this conviction, we are now able to support you in your desire to automate your processes. We carry out an audit of your operations and, together, analyze your empowerable strengths and areas for improvement to determine to what extent you can equip yourself with administration or automation tools.

Odoo as ERP

The Performance objective of procedures can't be achieved without digital tools, BioSample has integrated very early in its lifetime an "Enterprise Resources Planning", also known as ERP. Matching our short term goal, to be able to offer quality service without sacrificing our desire for growth, we have chosen an environment with broad skills and that has to be quickly adaptable.

Our choice fell on a young Belgian company : Odoo. Since 2017, we have been working on Community Editions that we have learned to install, configure and customize on our own servers. Since 2020, to grow our services, we have opted for the Enterprise solution that we also implemented to its full potential.

Today, we can support you through automation tools built via light or complex softwares, Excel, as well as on the installation, configuration, and operation of the Odoo ERP Solution. Each one of our employees is trained in the management and operation of the software package and will be able to support you in your project with this solution.

Make your digital project a success

In the end, BioSample is an innovative company with multiple skills that knows how to equip itself with the tools necessary for its development. Convinced that digital has a lot to offer if it is used ethically, we can support you in your digital projects, whether for internal or external use.

We help you deepen the ins and outs of your projects, define the challenges of success and support you in the realization of your projects. With our expertise, we can open the doors to a vast world that will allow you to gain in productivity and serenity.